AFN – Anti-Fascist Network

This article/letter is just a quick heads up to say that in the next few weeks all libertarian/anarchist groups, and the syndicalist unions will be receiving an invite to join the new UK Anti-Fascist Network (AFN). Below is just a short introduction to the network and is made up in part from the AFN unity statement that groups will be asked to display, as well as parts of a letter we are sending out.

The Network comes in response to recent events that have seen all out fascist tactics on the streets of the UK pass by without sufficient opposition. We believe it is every libertarian’s duty to oppose fascism, for the benefit of the communities we live in and for the rights of others and ourselves, to operate freely without the fear of threats and intimidation.

The Anti-Fascist Network seeks to join together small and large groups alike, with the aim being to eventually ensure anti fascists are never outnumbered on the streets. As a part of the network we will not tell people how to campaign in their areas, what politics they should adopt, or what form of Anti-fascist activity they should choose. We will however support each other to defeat all forms of fascism and organised racism.

The Anti-Fascist Network came about when groups such as Brighton Antifascists, Portsmouth Anarchists, Plymouth Antifa, and Welsh Antifa met to discuss how we could combat the rise of fascism on the streets in our areas. Since the first meeting we have been joined by representatives from Bristol Antifascists, Wessex Solidarity, London ALARM, Nottingham Antifascists, 3CAFA, and Liverpool AF (sorry for those I have forgotten to mention). The network has already had some success, which groups will be hearing about soon.

Even if we cannot support each other physically, we can work together to share anything from information and skills to legal aid and propaganda. Everyone has a place in the Anti-Fascist Network.  It’s a job that no one wants to do, but while the threat is there we must be prepared to defend ourselves and each other.

Individuals who want to join a public e-mail list to share information about the activities of the far right can sign up by sending a blank e-mail to– This list is public so please do not treat it as secure, it is good for sharing general information, that may already be in the public domain as well as last minute call outs etc. There will be a private e-mail list for trusted groups to sign up to.

Many of us, myself included, ignored the far right for too long…. it’s time to stop the rot!!

In Solidarity



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