Black Rose Social Centre, Sheffield

Black Rose blooming
Sheffield has got a brand new radical space. The Black Rose Centre is a new social centre project established by the Sheffield Social Centre Collective based just north of the city centre. Opened in February it has already become a hub for the city’s political activists and those curious and interested in progressive political ideas. Both Sheffield Anarchist Federation and IWW regularly hold their meetings there, as do the organisers of the impressive annual LadyDIYFest and Sheffield Animal Friends. There’s also computer fixing cafe every Saturday and a reading group for those interested in exploring radical perspectives. Added to that a Temporary Autonomous Arts event and Queer exhibition in response to LGBT history month the Black Rose is becoming a very active environment.

Like Social Centres in other towns this is an anti-capitalist space for people to get together to discuss ideas and take action for social change. It is also a space to share skills and food, run events and watch films in a non-commercial setting. This social centre is run without leaders (non-hierarchically) with a “safer spaces” policy that rejects racism, sexism, homophobia and all other forms of oppression.

Anyone in the city who is interested in getting involved should make their way down – you’ll be assured of a warm welcome. Anarchists are encouraged to get involved in actively keeping the place running and contributing to the radical development of the city.

Black Rose Social Centre
268 Verdon Street
Sheffield S3 9QS


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