Mayday 2012: Anarchist what’s on

Anarchist and radical events so far organised across the country (and in Dublin) for Tuesday May 1st
(if we’ve missed anything give us a shout and we’ll add it)

London – Against Workfare

Mayday march
Clerkenwell Green
London EC1R

Then reconverge:
West One Shopping Centre
Oxford  Street
(right by Bond Street tube station)
Facebook page
On Mayday we are calling on all those fighting back against the government’s austerity plans to join us in taking direct action against companies participating in the workfare schemes. Instead of standing around and listening to speeches at the end of the TUC march we will be heading straight into the West end to regroup and start taking action.
We will be releasing a map of companies participating in the scheme over the next few weeks. So when the march has finished, instead of standing around to listen to the likes of Tony Benn bore on, head into the West end and start to target the companies benefiting from forced labour!
Organised by: South London Solidarity Federation and North London Solidarity Federation Supported by UK Uncut

Brighton – Smash EDO demo
EDO MBM Technology Ltd
Home Farm Road
Home Farm Business Centre
Brighton BN1 9HU

Facebook page
Kick off the Summer of Resistance by ‘ratcheting up the racket’ at an extra special noise demo outside the factory. Bring noise making equipment, banners, megaphones, instruments and anything else you want to contribute.
Organised by: Smash EDO

Bristol – Mayday Week of Action
Check the Facebook page, or link below for the full list of week long activities during the Mayday period
Facebook page
May 1st: Mass call in sick or otherwise skip work/school day. Since the state refuses to give us may 1st off, we should take it ourselves. Possible morning action against the criminalisation of squatting TBC/stay tuned! Then meet 3pm by the fountains in the centre to raise peoples consciousness about May Day! Stalls, leaflets, chats, and some fun & food as well.
Co-ordinated by: Bristol First of May Group

Dublin – Anti-authoritarian bloc on Mayday March
Garden of Remberance
Parnell Square
Facebook page
Calling on all libertarians, anti-authoritarians, anarchists and individuals who believe in class struggle and a world devoid of elected representatives! Join us on the Anti-authoritarian bloc on the Dublin Mayday March! Bring your red and black flag on the march if you have one!
There will be a banner making session on Sunday the 29th of April @ 2pm in Seomra Spraoi (Belvidere Court, off Mountjoy Square), open to anyone interested in making thematic banners!
There will be a social gathering in Cassidy’s Pub on Westmoreland Street after the demo. We have a floor booked and there will be tunes for you to bop away to.
Organised by: Workers Solidarity Movement

Liverpool – March and Rally
5pm – 8pm
Meet up outside Queen Elizabeth II courts, Derby Square, just opposite St James station at 5pm. March to the Central Library in William Brown Street for rally.
Derby Square
Liverpool L2 7NU
Facebook page

Merseyside and Liverpool TUC are holding a May Day March and Rally from 5pm on Tuesday 1st May. At this point, details aren’t known beyond the meet up point and time, but we are publicising this as International Workers Day should be commemorated. Depending on the numbers present from the radical and libertarian left, we may look at organising an open speakers platform as a rival to the usual boring speeches by TUC bureaucrats.
Organised by: Liverpool Solidarity Federation

Manchester – Anarchism and Anarchists Public Meeting
Manchester Metropolitan Students Union
99 Oxford Road
Manchester M1 7EL
In light of this years Manchester May Day march occurring on 7th May, we have organised the following: A workshop introducing Anarchism and Anarchists
For all those interested in Anarchism but too afraid to ask!
* quick ice breaker getting people to put out their ideas of Anarchism
* 5 minute video on the some of the key concepts of Anarchism
* introduction to different ideas and practices of Anarchism from main speakers
* question answer session with groups – a chance to speak in smaller groups and greater detail, pick up some different books, DVDs, magazines and involved in upcoming events
Organised by: Manchester Anarchist Federation with guest speakers.

Nottingham – Organising against austerity meeting
Nottingham New Mechanics Institute
3 North Sherwood Street
Nottingham NG1 4EZ
Facebook page
A MAY DAY meeting for all those interested in organising against austerity outside of parliamentary avenues. The meeting will be facilitated and focused around main ideas presented before and perhaps during the event.
* What remains of the anti-cuts/anti-capitalist movement in Nottingham?
* Have we lost the battle against the cuts?
* How is our class experiencing and responding to austerity?
* How would a successful movement relate to permanent organisations such as trade unions and charities?
A free literature table will be available and everyone’s encouraged to fill it up.
Email: for more information.
Hosted by: Nottingham Anarchist Federation

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  2. Edinburgh Anarchist Federation – part of Edinburgh and Lothians MAY DAY March and Rally Saturday 5th May.

    Assemble at 11.00 on Johnston Terrace (top end)
    March at 11.30
    with Dalkeith Pipe Band
    High Street
    St Mary’s Street
    Rally at the Pleasance Theatre 12.30
    (2 bars open)

    ‘Where All the Money Went’ (Speaker Greg Philo)
    ‘Our City’s Not For Sale’ (Speaker City of Edinburgh UNISON)
    Occupy Edinburgh (Kim Grant)
    Edinburgh Against the Cuts (Fiona Menzies)

    Stop Trident (CND Workshop)
    Black Triangle
    Anti-racist/fascist group
    Not for Profit Theatre Group

    Penny Stone (CND)
    Maggie Holland

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  4. Cardiff Mayday Anarchist Picnic!!
    4PM – 6PM on MAY 1ST
    Nye Bevan Statue
    Queen Street

    Cuts? Austerity? Environmental crisis? Capitalism? No ta!

    South Wales Anarchists invite you to the first Cardiff Anarchist Picnic on Mayday – workers’ day. Yes, that’s right – WORKERS! We’re the ones who have the short straw as cuts start to bite, the NHS gets sold off and corrupt politicos, business folk and bankers ride ever higher off our backs. WTactualF??!!

    Maybe it’s time we made a song and dance about it!

    Come to the Bevan statue between 16.00 and 18.00 for free infotainment, free food, free leaflets, stalls, consciousness raising – and Anarchist High Command guarantees that there will be NO TROTSKYIST PAPER SELLERS!! 😉

    We will be launching our new, shiny South Wales Anarchist web portal, which you can find here:

    Come and find out more! See you there 🙂

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