Occupy Mayday celebration at Liverpool Street St

One of the early Mayday protests and celebrations has been taking place at Liverpool St station, with people from Occupy London and supporters spreading the Mayday message with roses, informing people about the workfare protests and the global protests happening throughout the month of may.

Timeline of this morning:
– Lots of police at Liverpool St station, about 30 distributed within station & three vanloads outside
8.00 – Uniformed and plain clothes officers EVERYWHERE at Liverpool St station
8.36 – People gathered at Finsbury Sq with flying helium tent, masks, big bags, banners and sound system
8.48 – Three balloons have now escaped – need back up balloons! One banner reads “May 12: Bring Your Tent”, others read “(heart) occupy” and “Evict This!”
8.51 – Procession from Finsbury sq arriving Liverpool St
8.56 – Huge banner unfurled at Liverpool St station concourse: “A Line of Tents Guards Our Future – Occupy [pics: 1 | 2 | 3 ] Another reads “Occupy London”. [pic]
8.56 – Samba drumming loud
9.00 – Moving through station handing out flowers with tags saying “There is something better out there” and “Love, Breathe, Hope, Create, Occupy”. [pics: 1 | 2 ]
9.15 – Handing out flowers and wishing people happy Mayday! chatting about upcoming demos and workfare
10.00 – Some people returning to Finsbury Sq to get ready for 11.30 march to the trade union London Mayday march

From Occupy London site:

11.30am – Assemble at Paternoster Square for May Day march From 11.30am, supporters of Occupy London will gather at Paternoster Square, just by the London Stock Exchange and St Paul’s Cathedral, in preparation for then joining the thousands of people coming together for the main May Day March in London. Moving off at around 12.30pm, Occupy London will join the main march as it makes its way to the rally point at Trafalgar Square. More info about the May Day march and rally
2.30pm onwards – Against Workfare Post march, Occupy London supporters plan to support the anti-workfare actions against companies participating in the workfare schemes, which have been called by North and South London Solidarity Federations. More information and map of targets will be at https://www.facebook.com/events/406395462721503/.

Strike, march and occupy. See you on May Day.


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